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STATE WIDE–Indiana has become home to a lot of tech jobs for software creation and apps. As more tech jobs come to the state, the gap between jobs and the number of people we have to fill them grows. The operators of an Indy company called Powderkeg are helping hook qualified tech people up with jobs in the Midwest.

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“There’s lots of reasons people join a company and look to grow their career,” said Matt Hunckle, CEO of Powderkeg, which is now taking a “tech census”. “But, the number one reason people join a tech company is the same reason people leave a tech company. And that is because of the company culture.”

Hunckler told Inside Indiana Business that Indiana is at the heart of a shift of massive technology and business at large. 

“Right now the Great Lakes region which Indiana is a part of is growing faster than any other region in terms of investment dollars. That means jobs are growing in the state of Indiana. But, we don’t have the pipeline to fill it.”

Hunckler said if you’re in the tech field or looking to get into the field, tech talent is desperately needed to fill the jobs in the state.

“The tech census is really focusing on the company culture and we’re actually developing company culture profiles out of the data, that’s highlighting reviews, what it’s like to work there,” said Kevin Bailey, Powderkeg co-founder.

He said talent is the primary focus for Powderkeg right now, namely helping tech companies find the right talent.

“We’re growing really quickly. The demand for jobs is way up. I think it’s something like 1.4 million open software positions are estimated by 2020,” said Bailey. “I think talent brand and employer brand are just a huge part of what make our state a magnet.”

PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis