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INDIANAPOLIS — That multi-vitamin or fish oil pill you take every day, might not be doing what it says it does on the label.

Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri is an otolaryngologist in northern Indiana. He tells WISH-TV he’s concerned that supplements sold at the grocery store or a GNC near you do not have the same regulation as that of the food you put in your body.

“If you go to the drug store, the grocery store, the only thing that’s not really regulated before you put it in your body is supplements and vitamins,” said. Dr. Cherukuri.

He said that opens these products up to be a little loose with what they actually do. Current law, as written, states the FDA cannot look into a product, like a multi-vitamin or fish oil pills, until it is released.

Another habit Hoosiers have gotten into is taking supplements that they don’t actually need, said Cherkuri.

“Most supplements and vitamins aren’t needed unless there’s a specific deficit in your body by lab testing,” he added. “A vast majority of people are taking things that probably don’t provide any benefit and do cost a fair amount of money.”

Cherukuri advices that you do you homework before you start taking a supplement. He recommends choosing a brand that has been validated by third-party testing to verify that what they’re saying is in the bottle is actually in the bottle

In 2015 the New York and Indiana Attorneys General asked for reforms on dietary supplement regulation. 

Stephanie Zepelin with WISH-TV contributed to this article