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Don Marsh, an 80-year-old long-time radio host in St. Louis resigned from his position this week after he was accused of sexism for telling a 75-year-old guest she “looked great.”

Oh, the horror. 

The guest, Karen Foss, later said she accepted the greeting as a “common way for those of us who are aged to greet each other.”

“As a woman who has long argued for the equitable treatment of women, I am alert to sexism and discrimination and I sensed none of that in his greeting.”

Radio management, however, felt the need to call Marsh in for meeting after a producer complained that his off-air remark was inappropriate. To Marsh’s credit, he quit on the spot.

WIBC host Tony Katz:

“If a producer in the room was offended about a conversation that didn’t involve them and complained, I’d fire that producer. Now maybe you could have a conversation with that producer, but the problem is, that person is already lost. You can’t immediately put your thoughts and ideas into the subject; you don’t know the context, and your feelings don’t matter; they mean nothing to the rest of us.”

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