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(Photo provided by Marion Co. Sheriff.)


The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office said Friday no charges will be filed at this time in the shootings of two Clark County judges at a downtown Indianapolis White Castle earlier this month. 

“We have received the results of the investigation conducted to date, including video retrieved from surveillance cameras. At this time, we have determined that additional investigation must be completed before we can make a charging decision in the matter,” said Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry in a statement.

Clark County circuit judges Brad Jacobs and Drew Adams were injured in the shooting May 

Alfredo Vazquez and Brandon Kaiser were later arrested in connection to the shootings. 

The two men were released from their bond Friday afternoon by Judge Shatrese Flowers. 

WIBC Political and Legal Correspondent Abdul-Hakim Shabazz joined the Hammer and Nigel Show Friday afternoon with further details.


“Usually you have within 24-48 to file charges against a suspect once he’s been arrested. What the prosecutors are saying is that they don’t have all the evidence put together at this time to where they’re ready to formally file charges yet; however, that does not mean that charges are not going to be filed.”


“So why would they arrest them if they weren’t ready to charge them?”


“What you’ve got to understand is that the police do the arresting; the prosecutors do the charging, and the prosecutors don’t tell the police when to arrest the suspects. I’d rather the prosecutors take their time and have all the evidence together rather than rush things prematurely for the sake of expediency.”


“So what is a preliminary probable cause affidavit, Abdul, because police said in this affidavit that surveillance video shows Kaiser shooting Andrews once in the stomach as the four men fought. They basically said they have this on video.”


“Well, essentially in this matter, I would reason that there was enough for police to make the arrest, but in terms of formal charges being filed, they need a little more. That’s where prosecutors come into play.”

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