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WASHINGTON — The United States is lifting tariffs on steel and aluminum imposed on Canada and Mexico. 

In a joint statement, the Canadian and American governments said Friday the U.S. will eliminate the 25{fa7adc80df2e023940cc66418ee6bf3ea4951b478396a103014e7d5f7d7da9d3} tariff on steel and 10{fa7adc80df2e023940cc66418ee6bf3ea4951b478396a103014e7d5f7d7da9d3} tariff on aluminum within 48 hours.

Canada will, in turn, withdraw its retaliatory tariffs on all products that are mostly on agriculture.  Mexico plans to make a similar announcement later today. 

The move is seen as a path for ratification of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The agreement was signed in November but has not been ratified.

(Photo by Vasily Maximov/Getty.)