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Listen up, Hollywood: 007, aka “James Bond,” aka British Fella with Male Genitalia CANNOT BE PLAYED BY A FEMALE! If straight actors can’t play gay characters, college kids can’t wear sombreros, and my daughter can’t dress up as “Moana,” then you don’t get to throw the “Cultural Appropriation Rule Book” out the window and cast British actress Lashana Lynch as 007. 

According to a report in The Guardian, “although Daniel Craig is set to reprise his role as ‘James Bond’ in the next film, the franchise is set for a shake-up, with reports claiming that black British actor Lashana Lynch has been cast as 007 – taking over Bond’s secret agent number after his character leaves MI6.”

Bull crap! I won’t allow it. Neither will Tony Katz, who will speak at this time:


“Lashana Lynch is NOT James Bond. James Bond is a British man, end of list. He can be a black British man, but he is a man. 007 is a British male. MALE… with a penis… and uses it… with women… and with intent. Sorry, but you don’t get to change the author’s intent. That kind of appropriation is unacceptable.”

Fortunately, this 007 controversy might be much ado about nothing. Tony explains why in the clip below.