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INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) said extreme heat should not impact the I-65 construction deadline. 

The southbound lanes of I-65 from the South Split all the way to I-465 on the south side of the city are still closed, but are expected to re-open Monday. 

According to INDOT, crews will work through the heatwave, but they are trained for it. 

INDOT said employees go through extreme weather training every year. During that training, workers learn to handle high temperatures, humidity and extreme cold. Some of the training also includes learning the correct clothing to wear, how to stay properly hydrated and proper skin protection. Additionally, each worker knows how to identify heat-related concerns like heat exhaustion, sunburn and dehydration.

INDOT said crews will be required to take more breaks out of the heat and sun during their work this weekend. 

INDOT crews are on a tight and busy schedule, once the I-65 work is done INDOT will close all lanes of I-70 eastbound and westbound. That will be from I-465 to the South Split and is scheduled for July 29.   

(Photo: WIBC)