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CARMEL, Ind. — The City of Carmel has refused to reimburse Clerk-Treasurer Christine Pauley for a gift she purchased for the grandson of Mayor Jim Brainard.

According to Current in Carmel, Pauley asked the city to pay her back for a $30 monogrammed baby blanket.

Pauley, whose office approves reimbursement claims, received a reimbursement check from the city on July 2, the publication said.

However, Pauley won’t be allowed to keep the money.

Carmel City Council President Jeff Worrell asked Pauley to pay the city back and she agreed.

In an email, Worrell stated:

“It is with regret as president of the city council that I have to take action on a matter that could be viewed by some as trivial or petty. However, I must ensure a sense of fair play to the employees at City Hall as well as an obligation to the taxpayers of Carmel to make sure proper financial procedures are followed.”

Worrell told Current in Carmel that he’s “satisfied” with the outcome and considers the matter closed.

Brainard’s grandson was born in January. Three months later, Pauley accused Brainard of workplace harassment and said he tried to pressure her into a romantic relationship in 2016. Brainard denied the allegations.

(Photo by Alexey Stiop/Thinkstock.)