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MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. — Last night was the first night you could legally bet on the NFL in Indiana.

The Green Bay Packers played the Chicago Bears to kick off the NFL’s 100th season. It’s no doubt that Michigan City is in Bears country, so who better to kickoff sports betting at the Blue Chip Casino than hall of famer and former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher.

“Never thought I’d see this outside Vegas. It’s pretty cool to be apar of it,” Urlacher said. “With fantasy football and Fan Duel, people are betting on sports somehow. Might as well make it eaiser for people to do that.”

The state legislature made sports betting legal in Indiana this past session after the U.S. Supreme Court said it’s legal for sports betting to take place outside state’s like Nevada and New Jersey.

Urlacher placed the first ever sports bet at the Blue Chip Casino yesterday. He took the Bears to beat the Packers. That’s not how it played though, the Bears fell to the Packers 10-3.

(PHOTO: Quinn Harris/Getty Images)