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KOKOMO, Ind.–If someone in your family had a drug problem, would you know where to go for help? An organization in Kokomo is becoming an example for communities across the state, as a central point for anything related to drug abuse and mental health issues.

Turning Point, and organizer Paul Wyman, are being recognized by the National Assoc. of Realtors. Wyman is a finalist for the 2019 Good Neighbor Awards. 

He put together a conference on opioid addiction in 2017 and helped organize funding to start Turning Point, along with business and government leaders, educators, police officers, mental health workers, and other people in Howard County who wanted to help people and families affected by drug abuse.

“For me it’s about, how do we respond as a community?” said Wyman, a realtor with The Wyman Group, of Kokomo. “The group of community leaders who came together that day, all locked arm in arm and said, we’re gonna go fight this together.”

He said the mission is to be the “no barrier” entry point for the community.

“The family member that’s suffering, the individuals who are suffering from addiction were running into road blocks and barriers. So, we wanted to be able to answer that basic question, where do I go get help? How do I do this? Now our answer in our community is, you call Turning Point. You go to Turning Point.”

Wyman said commitments to fund Turning Point were secured from county and city government and private business leaders when they decided to put the organization together. He said they made two-year commitments, so the organization would not have to struggle for money immediately.

He said the organization was able to open its doors with $100,000. They employ “navigators” to help both people who are addicted and their families with counseling, insurance and ways to get off drugs.

“When you come in our door, the first thing that happens is you get loved on. We’re not judging. We’re not holding anything against anybody. We’re here to help. And then our expert navigators start connecting individuals to the help and services they need.”

You can vote for Turning Point at The winners get a donation, which is money Wyman said they can use.

“It’s a constant effort to raise money. And, with the work we’ve been doing it’s been incredible to see people from all over the State of Indiana send us money and checks to keep up the good work,” said Wyman.