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INDIANAPOLIS–A soldier’s Purple Heart that had been lost was returned to his family in Indianapolis Saturday. 

Private First Class Paul Bowden served in World War II, but died in Belgium shortly after the war. Several family members had the medal, but it got lost at some point over the years. 

“The medal was actually found in Florida and was sent to us anonymously by a gentleman in Florida. We don’t exactly know how it ended up in this gentleman’s hands, ” said Jessica Jaggers with Purple Hearts Reunited. 

Purple Hearts Reunited is a non-profit organization that finds lost Purple Hearts and other military medals and returns them to families. 

Jaggers gave Bowden’s medal to his nephew, Dan, on Saturday. 

“It’s really a wonderful thing that they do and they cleaned it up and they framed it,” said Dan Bowden. “It’s just really, really spectacular.” 

Purple Heart Reunited brought four medals to families in Indiana and Ohio this weekend. 

(PHOTO: MediaNewsGroupRM/Getty Images)