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FISHERS, Ind.—The real police don’t take payments in gift cards.  Police in Fishers are reminding people of that because of a scam they say has been happening in Hamilton County. 

“They were using a legitimate name for an illegitimate purpose. The scammers were posing as a detective with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office (Detective Mike Howell),” says Fishers Police Public Information Officer Tom Weger. 

Weger says the scammer tells the person on the other end of the phone they have has missed a court date. They go on to say that if the person does not pay them with gift cards or green dot cards, then they will be arrested. 

“These scammers are very smooth talkers. What we want people to understand is that any law enforcement agency would never ask anyone to make a payment in the form of gift cards,” Weger said.  

Officers advise you to just hang up if you ever get a call like that. 

If you live in Fishers and have fallen victim to this scam please feel free to contact Officer Dan Nelson at You can also call the Fishers Police Department at 317-595-3300. 

(PHOTO: Maciej Luczniewski/Getty Images)