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In a second, we’ll look at a couple of projects that continue to torment west side and Speedway drivers, but first let’s get this out of the way:  

Weekend road work on the interstates will last into November.

Ugh. According to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), a couple spots of rough weather has pushed some of the construction well into November. The goal, after all, is to get everything done, meaning this unruly construction season has a few more weeks to go. 

This particular weekend, one that has thousands of FFA kids meandering haplessly around downtown Indianapolis (watch those crosswalks), features a spot on the east side that will be shutdown air tight, and a dozen or so ramps that’ll be out of commission. Skip below for the whole list.

With that, west side!! Check. You. OUT!!


Dandy Trail Bridge

To make a long story short, the reopening of the Dandy Trail bridge over Eagle Creek is delayed because the concrete pour on the bridge deck was late. The original plan called for the use of slag cement as part of the mixture – or cement that doesn’t require sealing. Since the timing was off, it was  decided to use regular cement in the name of safety and regulation. Hence the delay.

We’re looking at mid-December for the bridge to reopen. 


16th St. Crawfordsville Rd.

Since mid-April, parts of 16th St. and Crawfordsville Rd. have been getting resurfaced, bringing a slew of alternating lane closures to those heading back and forth from Speedway and downtown. Recently, asphalt went down at the intersection of 16th St. and Lafayette Rd., and crews are now able to work on the remainder of the street.

The 16th St. project is set to wrap up mid-November, weather permitting. 


Westbound I-70

(Photo Credit: INDOT)

It’s still on.

Another round of road work and another round of delays begins Friday night (11/1) on westbound I-70. At 9pm, the right lane will close from C.R. 400 W (west of Greenfield) to Mt. Comfort Rd. until next Friday (11/8) at 11am. Inbound drivers know the consequence of this lane closure from navigating it the last couple of weeks, and should consider using U.S. 40 as an alternate route during peak travel times.

WEEKEND WORK (11/1 – 11/4)

Note the east side full closure on northbound I-465. Crews have been working this spot for the last few weekends, and they’re closing the whole section starting Friday night (11/1).

Lane Restrictions

  • Westbound I-465 from the White River to College Ave.

          One lane open

          Friday 7pm to Monday 6am

  • Northbound I-465 from E. 38th St to E. 56th St. (East side) 

          All lanes CLOSED

          Friday 10pm to Monday 6am

  • Southbound I-69 from 116th St. to 82nd St.

          One lane open

          Saturday 7am to Saturday 5pm

  • Northbound I-69 at 106th St.

          Left two lanes closed 

          Sunday 7am Sunday 5pm

  • Westbound I-465 from Michigan Rd. to W. 56th St. (Northwest side) 

          Left lane closed 

          Friday 8pm to Sunday 11am

  • Eastbound and Westbound I-865 from I-465 to I-65

          One lane open in each direction

          Saturday 5am to Sunday 11pm

  • Northbound and Southbound I-65 from I-465 to 30th St.

          One lane open

          Saturday 5am to 11pm and Sunday 5am to 11pm 

Ramp Closures 

  • Northbound and Southbound Pendleton Pike to Northbound I-465

          Friday 9pm to Monday 6am

  • Northbound and Southbound Keystone Ave. to Westbound I-465

          Friday 9pm to Monday 6am

  • Eastbound I-465 to U.S. 31 (Meridian St) 

          Friday 8pm to Monday 6am

  • Northbound and Southbound U.S. 31 (Meridian St) to Westbound I-465

          Friday 8pm to Monday 6am

  • Eastbound and Westbound I-465 to I-865

          Intermittent ramp closures on Saturday (11/2)

  • Northbound and Southbound I-65 to and from Lafayette Rd.

          Intermittent ramp closures on Saturday (11/2)

  • Northbound and Southbound I-65 to and from 38th St.

          Intermittent ramp closures on Saturday (11/2)

  • 30th St. to Northbound I-65

          Saturday 5am to Saturday 11pm

We’re also keeping an eye on the massive bridge project at Keystone and 96th. As many of you know, right turns only at the “intersection,” but Keystone remains a straight shot with the removal of the traffic light.

Hopefully, work will be done at the end of the year as planned.

Hang in there.


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