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STATE WIDE–You’re paying about $2.49 on average for gas in Indiana. That’s about 20 cents cheaper than the national average. The average in Indianapolis was about $2.45, said, but Ft. Wayne had the cheapest gas, with some stations selling it at $2.19.

The average is Ft. Wayne was $2.37, and that city had the biggest drop in price over the past week, at about 11 cents.

In the Cincinnati metro parts of Indiana, gas was around $2.51, the same as last week.

Gas prices went up slightly nationally, because the supply decreased, said Patrick DeHaan, chief petroleum analyst for Gasbuddy.

“Some areas of the Great Lakes saw prices spike due to price cycling, a local trend, and with the stock market and interest rates heading up there’s been a strong belief that the economy continues to chug along, boosting oil demand in it’s wake as well, leading to an unusual trend in the fall: gas prices that aren’t falling but stable or increasing,” he said.

PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis