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NEW WHITELAND, Ind.–An Uber driver who had a passenger in the car, was pulled over and arrested. He was charged with driving under the influence of meth and pot and of possessing both drugs, along with pipes to smoke them.

A New Whiteland police officer pulled over Mark Allen Atchison, 56, of Greenwood, when he saw his car weave and caught him speeding Sunday night on Tracy Rd., near U.S. 31, in Johnson County.

The officer smelled pot when he approached the car. He saw there was a woman in the back seat. She told him she was just an Uber passenger. The officer asked Atchison what he was going to find when he searched the car. Atchison told him he’d find a meth pipe, and he did. He also found a rubber pipe for the weed.

The officer also found devices for preparing marijuana and for storing it, along with meth residue.

He said Atchison admitted to smoking meth an hour before and failed a field sobriety test

PHOTO: Evgen Prozhyrko/Thinkstock