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FRANKLIN, Ind. — Over the last year, residents in Franklin have been dealing with the effects of a plume of toxic chemicals that have been originating from land that used to be occupied by an old Amphenol facility.

Now it seems there is a second site that is creating the exact same issue. It’s where the Hougland Cannery used to be and initial reports say the area is emitting ten-times more toxic TCE and the Amphenol site. TCE is an industrial solvent that was used by many manufacturers decades ago.

“I have a level of concern for it, having four kids for sure,” said Kim Barnett, who lives less than a mile from the plume, to WISH-TV. 

Many residents have raised concerns over the higher than usual cancer rate among children in Franklin and they believe it is related to the amounts of TCE in the air in Franklin. 

A new study completed on behalf of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management shows one of the old buildings at the Hougland site tested positive for levels of TCE in the air above recommended levels. But, they aren’t sure exactly where on the site the chemicals are coming from.

“To be able to clean it up properly, it is important to know where it’s coming from,” said Dr. Mary Beth Hensley, who is a member of the group If It Was Your Child. “This is not coincidental.”

The Environmental Protection Agency is planning to hold a meeting with the public about the contamination in Franklin Dec. 3.