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POSEY COUNTY, Ind.--Over $18,000 was stolen from the Posey County Sheriff’s Office by the former sheriff’s office secretary, says state police. 

Investigators say Trinity Tucker, 42, of Mount Vernon was responsible for collecting all money coming into the sheriff’s office and making all deposits into their bank account. 

They say Tucker stole the money between January 2015 and December 2018 and then later resigned from her position in February 2019. She was arrested Thursday. 

The sheriff says the money was mainly cash payments that she never deposited. 

State police say the financial irregularities were discovered when an audit was conducted by the Indiana State Board of Accounts. That audit cost $14,000. 

Police say the restitution Tucker owes includes the audit, so she must pay approximately $33,000. 

Tucker became the secretary in 2002 and was there until she resigned in February 2019. She’s been charged with four counts of theft. 

(PHOTO: Indiana State Police)