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JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind.–Some inmates at the Clark County Jail used code words and an elaborate system of signals to get drugs into the jail. Now the man on the outside has been caught. Matthew Bays, 41, had been wanted since the others involved in the scheme were arrested in November.

Bays was caught at a motel Wednesday, said the Clark County Sheriff’s Dept.

He’s accused of supplying the drugs.

Inmates would get the drugs and distribute them inside the jail. At the time, inmate labor was used to clean the lobby. Sheriff’s Dept. Col. Scottie Maples said during a news conference in November, that the policy was changed and inmates are no longer cleaning that area.

Detectives were called when jailers noticed some odd communication between the inmates.

“There were some keywords that kept popping up that didn’t make a whole lot of sense for inmates in the facility, orchestrating job sites,” said Maples. “They were posing as they were almost foremen on job sites delivering windows and paints.”

Red was the word for Coke machine. Blue for Pepsi machine. “Windows” meant meth and “paint” meant pills.

Maples said in November they believed the system had been busted. Maples was the last man to be caught, of 11 who were indicted.

PHOTO: Sakhorn 38/Thinkstock