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The world-famous St. Elmos steakhouse in downtown Indianapolis recently made an interesting discovery on their wall of fame: a random couple that looked nice enough, but no one could figure out who the heck they were. 

More than 600 framed photographs are on the wall inside the restaurant, and most of them are of famous people like John Travolta and Peyton Manning. 

All of the photos have their own space and are stapled and drilled into the wall permanently.

Marketing vice president Bryn Jones told WISH-TV the picture stuck out because it’s crooked and touches other photos on the wall.

Fortunately, management had a good sense of humor about it and made a public offer to buy the couple in the photo a drink if they would come forward and share their story.

Last Thursday evening, the couple, Doug and Carol Collins, came to the restaurant to share the story behind the photo, revealing that it has actually been hanging on the restaurant’s wall for years.

According to a video posted to St. Elmos’ Facebook page, Doug and Carol had been seated at the same table during multiple visits to the restaurant and had noticed a blank space on the wall among the pictures. In 2013, they took measurements, bought a frame, put their photo in it, and stuck it to the wall on their next visit. 

The Collins said they never expected the picture to remain on the wall for as long as it did.

The restaurant treated the couple to a drink and a free meal for sharing their story.

WIBC host Tony Katz reminds listeners to NOT attempt the same thing on their next visit to St. Elmos.