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STATEWIDE–Rain, possible flooding, and high winds are all things you’ll continue to see through Saturday night. 

“We’re expecting the heaviest rain across central Indiana to be mostly for Saturday and we’ll see some gusty winds on top of that,” says National Weather Service Indianapolis Meteorologist Kacie Hoover. 

She expects anywhere from two to four inches of rain to fall in just about every area of the state over the next couple days. Hoover says the winds could reach as high as 40 mph in some areas. 

“So not quite severe, but with our saturated ground, that just makes everything easier to knock over,” Hoover says. “Take a little more caution, especially when you’re next to or in a high-profile vehicle.” 

Temperatures have also warmed up. High temperatures in many cities and towns across Indiana will be in the 50s or 60s Friday and Saturday. Hoover knows why that’s happening. 

“This airflow is all coming from the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve got just a really strong flow of air that is just sitting over us for multiple days. So all of that warm air from the south is what we’re seeing,” Hoover says. 

She says if you see high water, turn around and don’t drown. 

“We’re going to see those rivers start to fill up Friday and Saturday,” Hoover says. 

Hoover also advises that you keep an eye on the forecast because it can always change. 

The rain ends late Saturday night. On Sunday, cooler air moves into much of the state with high temperatures in most cities and towns dropping down to the high 30s and low 40s. 

(PHOTO: NWS Indianapolis)