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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s been a mild winter so far around Indiana, with above-average temperatures over the last month. 

That’s going to change this weekend though, says WISH-TV Meteorologist Marcus Bailey.

Most of the state will see a wintry mix on Friday afternoon and Friday evening, and Bailey says freezing rain could be a big issue. The temperatures during the evening commute will be the deciding factor on how much trouble you might have on the roads.

“The big question mark is how long are we going to stay with freezing rain,” Bailey said. “If we warm up very quickly, freezing rain might not be a huge threat. But if we kind of just hold there (with temperatures in the mid-30s), we could have a few hours of freezing rain.”

Bailey says through the overnight hours, it will begin to warm up, and any wintry mix will change to all rain by Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon temperatures will be decent.

“It’s a pretty good bet that we should get to the mid-40s for highs on Saturday afternoon, which is about ten degrees above average for this time of the year.”

The next part of the roller coaster begins Saturday night. 

Bailey says temperatures will drastically fall, and highs across the state on Sunday will barely reach the 20s. He adds that some parts of the state will wake up Monday morning to wind chills below zero. 

(PHOTO: Thinkstock/Tim Arbaev)