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Thanks to the website, persons from all walks of life with all kinds of bad ideas have an opportunity to create petitions for all kinds of insidious and stupid garbage.

For example, these are a few of the MANY idiotic petitions created by the most non-productive and disruptive nincompoops of society:

  • Petition To Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes: Demanded Rotten Tomatoes be shut down due to biased DC movie reviews.
  • Petition To Shut Down The People Who Wanted To Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes: “If you could remove every moron on the Internet, that would be great. Maybe start with people who think your website is somehow biased against DC movies and isn’t an aggregate that collects various opinions from different critics to make up a sum total?”
  • Petition To Construct A Death Star: “By focusing our defense resources into a space-superiority platform and weapon system such as a Death Star, the government can spur job creation in the fields of construction, engineering, space exploration, and more, and strengthen our national defense.”
  • Petition To Change The Name “Fire Ants” To “Spicy Boys”: “I saw a fire ant while pooping and I thought of a better name. Spicy boy is better. I also threw toilet paper at it. I didnt want it to crawl into my pants and underwear.”
  • Petition To Change Donald Trump’s Name: Demanded that Donald Trump change his name to “Donald Stupid”
  • Petition To Get Donald Trump To Show His Manhood: “Release your Penis!”
  • Petition To Make A Funko POP! Of ALF: “Let’s ask the Funko company to create the Pop! of “Alf” from the T.V. Show”
  • Petition To Abolish Usage Of The Word “Ma’am”: “Women all over are silently getting their feelings hurt by this awful and gross sounding word. By deciding to call a woman anything but this, you are saving her from having a good chunk of her day ruined.”
  • Petition To Ban The Word “Moist”: Only six people signed this one, so most folks enjoy the word “moist”
  • Petition To Shut Down Change.Org: Okay, that’s one we can get behind – especially in light of the latest petition that’s making the rounds…

Petition to Move the Super Bowl to Saturday:

The creator of this petition, Frank Ruggeri of Rochester, NY, is demanding that Super Bowl Sunday be moved to Saturday. According to Frank, if the Super Bowl were to move to Saturday, it would get more money and attract visitors to the game.

Ruggeri also believes the NFL will get more television views because most government jobs will have the day off and more children will be interested as well.

Hammer and Nigel Rate This Justification as “Bull Crap!” Ruggeri is just sick of being hungover on Monday morning. Moving the big game to Saturday would give him an extra day to recover.

Four teams will face off Sunday, Jan. 19th to determine who will play in this year’s Super Bowl – the Tennessee Titans vs. the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers vs the 49ers.

If you’re in favor of signing the petition to change the day of the Super Bowl, CLICK HERE.