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MANDEL NGAN | Getty Images

It was 2012 when Republicans managed to outdo themselves in the dumbass presidential candidate department, having run John (Mr. McGoo) McCain against the otherwise unelectable Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 we found the perfect plastic air ball to lose again to the same maroon.  I guess there were no real Republicans to be found—again—so we got pretty, silver at the temples Mitt.  Of course he lost, it’s what he does, and then he sort of disappeared for a while until he loaded his carpet bag and went to Utah to run for US Senate.  And damned if he didn’t win. 

          Just so we could always find his simple self, even in the dark, he continued to say silly, vacuous and otherwise stupid things, often going out of his way to submarine President Trump, who, by the way, he loathes and tried hard to undermine in the 2016 election.  He raged against the Donald on a consistent basis, doing all he could to avoid the train of middle class folks who would eventually carry him to victory and into a first term where he kept his promises, cured the economy, got millions of Americans off welfare, back in the workforce, and enjoying the benefits of being productive members of great American experiment.

          There was never any doubt that NWM hated his president, especially after failing to convince Trump name him Secretary of State, and his stances and public blatherings were unvarnished and as oppositional as a Republican could be and still attempt to be one. 

          Then along came those knuckleheads in the Democrat House of Representatives with their mission to impeach and remove Trump from office.  And just like that the Nitwit found his real confederates in the persons of that squad of miscreants who, never ever bothering to read or understand the Constitution’s impeachment provisions, charged off to the delight of the junior Senator from Utah into the abyss of conspiracies, inuendoes, nonsense and outright fraud.

          Well as fate would have it the idiots on the Left had their way, at least part of it, and got a Bill of Impeachment out of the House and off to the Senate for “trial.”  And there waiting with open arms (and empty head) was the only Republican in the Senate to declare Trump guilty, and sure as hell, he voted with the Dems.  Of course it did no good, as the rest of the grownups in the upper chamber handily acquitted the President of all the so-called charges.  But Mitt showed his ass, that’s for sure, and once again he demonstrated just what the word “putz” really means. 

          BTW, for a quick and deadly tutorial on just what a scoundrel Romney has been on the road to becoming hugely rich, look at John Nolte’s piece at Breitbart for February 6th.  Sadly just like the Dems tried to tell us back in 2012, NWM rolled in the cash by the tens of millions of dollars by having his tools at Bain Capital, purchase small and medium sized companies, leveraging the hell out of them then running them into the ground in bankruptcy while laughing all the way to the bank.  I guess that’s one way to get rich enough to put an automobile elevator in one’s palatial estate on the mountain. 

          So with all that alliteration of the history of a born-to-lose, well, loser who should be surprised at his disloyalty not just to the Republican party that has repeatedly run  him for office but to the very constitutional framework that thus far has served the cause of Liberty so well. 

          The man is in his most appropriate company with the likes of Pencil Neck Schiff and House Speaker Pelosi—she of the emotional age of 13.  He fits in best in league with the Democrats’ host if underaged cocktail waitresses and terrorist-champions like the rest of “the squad.”  Come to think of it the whole House of nitwits make perfect company for a guy who’s history is full of the same imbecilic prattle and lousy ideas as the likes of Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler, and of course, Slow Joe Biden.  Nitwits, Mitt, just like you.