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Source: (PHOTO: Thinkstock/barbol88)

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Metro Police were involved in over a dozen police shootings last year. In a town hall Monday night, members of the community had the chance to speak with federal investigators and police about their concerns.

Representatives from the FBI, Department of Justice, Chief Chris Bailey of IMPD, and US Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana Zach Myers took questions from people about police shootings, the DOJ review of said shootings, and what’s being done to protect people in the future.

“We’re public servants,” Attorney Myers told WISH-TV, “we work for you and our authority comes from you. So, it’s important to explain how we work, even if we can’t talk about individual investigations.”

IMPD was involved in 18 police shootings in 2023. Some of those shootings were fatal, and some of those shootings happened during a crime being committed by the individual who was shot.

The process of identifying which shootings were justified and how IMPD and the community can prevent those shootings from happening again are all a part of the DOJ review.

Chief Bailey told the town hall audience Monday night that he’s heard the review should be done by the end of this year, as long as there are no issues.

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