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Jerry Seinfeld is making a very interesting argument. Movies used to command a place in an American culture, and that’s over. We’re no longer in a place where movies command this respect anymore. They no longer have a place in our hearts anymore, they don’t have a place in our souls anymore.

Jerry has a recognition that the industry is changing and faltering because it’s competing with so much content in so many places.

Tony Katz:

There is absolutely, positively room. There is absolutely room for content. People still want to see a cool story; people still want to watch a great spectacle. They still want to hear a great tale. That has not changed. One can argue that what has changed is what we accept as great.

Jerry’s bringing up an interesting subject. Movies as a format may have changed as what we’ve always known them to be, but films, content and storytelling are still craved by the public. And there will be an audience for them, if the content is great.

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