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Attorney General Todd Rokita is informing Hoosiers of a new report he commissioned that looked at real numbers associated with COVID-19.

The Office of the AG has put together an Analysis of COVID-19, positivity rate data and death statistics and the socioeconomic impact of the state’s lockdown policies. In their report they found inflated death counts and faulty positivity rates.

Some of the bigger finds in the report include “COVID-19 was listed as a “cause of death” from numerous deaths caused by gunshot wounds, fires, car accidents, blunt force trauma, drowning and drug overdoses.” They also found that Indiana’s Management Performance Hub “calculated each county’s positivity rate by dividing the total number of positive tests by the total number of tests provided. Therefore, if a person tested five days in a row and each test was positive, that person contributed five positive cases to the positivity rate data.”

Read the full report here. 

Governor Holcomb said Monday that he has “very little thoughts” about the report as the AG “certainly didn’t work with the Department of Health or with our office.” Rokita told Hammer and Nigel that he pointblank used the governor’s office’s own data for their report. 

“It’s your data, sir. It’s your data. We can certify that if you want, we did it in the report. Your data was inaccurate. Your reports, your dashboard was inaccurate, and we pointed it out…this isn’t a matter of casting blame from four years ago, it’s a matter of making sure this doesn’t happen again.” 

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