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Court of Law and Justice Trial Session: Imparcial Honorable Judge Pronouncing Sentence, striking Gavel. Focus on Mallet, Hammer.

Source: Photo: (gorodenkoff/getty images)

CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. — Two men who claim to be Delphi Murders YouTubers have been banned from future court proceedings by Special Judge Fran Gull.

During a break in Monday’s court hearing, two men who claim to be content creators who cover the Delphi Murders case, Rick Snay and David Noe, apparently got into an argument in the Allen County courthouse and had to be separated.

Snay, whom the defense apparently planned to call during the contempt hearing, was removed from the courthouse grounds.

“I am just now leaving the courthouse. Did I testify? No, they threw me out, and you know why? Because Noe got in my face,” said Snay during a YouTube live stream minutes after he was removed, “I got in trouble because Noe started s–t, and I got witnesses. Noe stalked me into a stairway and tried to start s–t with me. I got right up, nose to nose with the little son of a b–ch. I told him ‘I’m going to hurt you Noe,’ and he said ‘no you’re not. I’m going to take out your ACL.’ I said ‘no, I’m going to choke you out and I’m going to rip that f–king ugly face of yours off.”

Before the March 18th hearing in Allen County, Judge Fran Gull had issued a decorum order.

Both YouTubers were found to be in direct violation of the decorum order and are now permanently banned from future proceedings.

The trial is supposed to begin May 13th.