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STATEWIDE-The authors of a bill being discussed at the Indiana Statehouse say it is supposed to help the state fill high-demand jobs.

If it is made law, House Bill 1001 would allow students to use the Frank O’Bannon Grant and the 21st Century Scholarship to pay for job training as well as traditional college coursework.

Republican Representative Bob Heaton from Terre Haute co-authored the bill.

“This bill will expand on the legislation from the 2023 session helping students pay for career training, apprenticeships, certifications, and internships. These scholarships will help remove some of the financial barriers that students face,” said Heaton.

Heaton also says Hoosiers not interested in obtaining a two or four-year degree can use these funds to increase their skills and be ready to take on a high demand job.

It has passed out of the House and is on to the Senate.

Frank O’Bannon served as the 47th governor of Indiana from 1997 until his death in 2003. He is the most recent U.S. Governor to have died in office.