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STATEWIDE — A recent scam effort is targeting Hoosiers’ Social Security, so State Police are warning you to stay on your guard.

Officers say calls, emails, and letters may look like they are from the Social Security Administration (SSA), but most of the time, these messages are scams. Some scammers will even mention true officials or use an SSA caller ID, in an effort to appear more legitimate.

Continue reading for some of the most common scam tactics. You can also report scam efforts here.

Common Social Security Scam Attempts:

  • Threatens to Suspend Your SSN
  • Warns of Legal Action
  • Requests Payment
  • Demands Personal Information
  • Requires Secrecy
  • Promises to Increase Social Security Benefits

If you get written contact about your Social Security, first see if the notification has any spelling or grammatical errors. And, if you are concerned that someone is trying to scam you, contact the SSA directly.

State Police say the real SSA is most likely to reach out to Hoosiers who apply for benefits, receive payments, need their records updated, or specifically request calls.


Social Security Administration Contact Information:

Phone: 1-800-772-1213

Local Address: Room 685, 575 North Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis