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Mug Shot of Frank Covington

Source: Photo Courtesy of the Fishers Police Department / FPD

FISHERS, Ind. — Police say they have arrested a man for stealing from Target stores around the country, including the one on Commercial Drive in Fishers.

Officers believe Frank Covington has stolen about $90,000 worth of items from at least 12 Target locations.

They were given a description of the man and his car Sunday, when Target’s Assets Protection team contacted them about a theft.

Not long after getting the call, officers say they stopped Covington’s car. Inside, they found multiple Texas Instruments calculators, among other items.

Major Mike Janes with Fishers Police says those calculators will be photographed as evidence, and then likely returned to Target.

Covington is wanted in several states for crimes such as burglary and shoplifting. Janes notes that he will be held accountable in Indiana before being transferred to the other states to face his potential crimes.

Learn more through the Fishers Police Department Twitter account.