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Bills in high denominations

Source: PHOTO: Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock

CLARK COUNTY, Ind. — A man has been arrested and charged with stealing money from the dealership he was tasked with managing.

Indiana State Police began investigating Jon Blakely, a former employee of Coyle Chevrolet in Clarksville. Blakely had been the general manager of the dealership and had control over the company’s credit card accounts – cards that were only supposed to be used for official dealership business.

Throughout August of 2023, the State Police Organized Crime and Corruption Unit began tracing credit card purchases back to Blakely.

A review of bank and PayPal accounts, emails and business records showed over 200,000-dollars had been transferred illegally from the company accounts.

Jon Blakely is accused of moving that money and using it for his own private accounts.

On December 1st, Blakely was arrested and charged with one count of theft and one count of corrupt business practices, with each charged being a level 5 felony.

Jon Blakely has been placed in the Clark County Jail. He’s innocent until proven guilty.