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House Elects Mike Johnson Of Louisiana As Speaker

Source: Win McNamee / Getty

INDIANAPOLIS — Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN-03) spoke on WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel on Wednesday regarding Rep. Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) election as Speaker of The House on Wednesday. Johnson received 220 votes of the 217 needed to earn the position.

Rep. Banks said that Johnson was the “most unlikely person to take the gavel” and become Speaker, but he got the votes necessary because, “everyone trusts him.” Banks said, “Mike Johnson is that rare guy because of his integrity. A nice guy that everyone likes enough and trusts enough to make him the Speaker of The House.”

He followed that statement by saying it was time to get back to work. When pressed on what he means by “getting back to work” by Jason Hammer, Rep. Banks said that after the interview he would be voting on a resolution to condemn Hamas and support Israel. He also brought up sanctions against Iran saying that they are one of the biggest funders of Hamas. Rep. Banks said those were the first two things that would be tackled on newly elected Speaker Johnson’s watch.

Rep. Banks said that after these votes it would be important to start working again on spending bills. Citing that the United States currently has a $2 Trillion annual deficit and $33 Trillion National debt. He says that Congress only has a few weeks before another potential government shutdown.

Banks ended his statement on spending by acknowledging that Rep. Johnson had committed to Republicans that he would stop omnibus spending packages.

Banks also touched on other topics in the interview regarding President Biden’s attempts to pass aid for both Ukraine and Israel as well as if students speaking out in favor of Palestine on college campuses should be covered by freedom of speech.