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Lifschitz family surrounds hostage freed from Hamas

Source: Lifschitz family

EVANSVILLE, Ind.–An Evansville couple is relieved to know that someone close to them is no longer a captive of Hamas.

Mark Vyvoda and Tory Schendel-Vyvoda said they went weeks without hearing anything about their missing loved ones. On Monday, though, they found out that Mark’s aunt, 85-year-old Yocheved Lifschitz, was returned to Israel.

Her family says Lifschitz needs an oxygen tank to stay alive. She’s now being cared for at a hospital in Israel. Her husband, Oded, is still a prisoner of Hamas. Oded needs medicine for a lung disease.

Lifschitz was taken to an ambulance and after she was transported over the Rafah border crossing. That’s between Gaza and Egypt.

When she was captured by Hamas, her daughter, Sharon Lifshitz, says she remembers what they first did to her.

“She was taken and her legs were on one side and her hands were on another side. While she was being taken, she was hit by sticks,” said Sharon.

Hamas is still holding more than 200 people hostage as the war continues.

Two other American hostages were released by Hamas on Friday.