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White House Christmas Decorations

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

The official White House Christmas Tree has been selected. Representatives from the White House made a special visit to Ashe County, North Carolina this week. They made the trek to pick the official Christmas tree for 2023 from a family-owned nursery.

First lady Jill Biden 2022 White House Christmas Tree

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The distinguished choice fell upon the Cline Church Nursery. The homestead is a 700-acre farm nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This nursery is co-owned by siblings Alex Church and Amber Scott, who couldn’t contain their elation after their tree was selected.

Cline Church Nursery owner, Alex Church, jubilantly declared, “It’s second to none. You know, we’re on cloud nine.”

This year, the nursery received the coveted title of 2023 Grand Champion Growers at the National Christmas Tree Contest.

White House Christmas Decorations

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

“This is not only an honor for us but an honor for North Carolina as well,” beamed Scott. “North Carolina has been selected to provide a tree to the White House a remarkable 15 times, more than any other state. We take immense pride in our industry.”

North Carolina ranks second in the nation for the number of Christmas trees harvested and produced.

First Lady Jill Biden Receives The 2022 White House Christmas Tree

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All in all, selecting the tree for the White House is a meticulous process. The tree has to be a minimum of 18.5 feet tall to go in the Blue Room.  They look for a certain width, ideally around 10-12 feet wide. It must be perfect from every angle since people will have a 360-degree view of the tree.

The chosen tree was planted in 2004. It will be harvested and transported to Washington D.C. in time for Thanksgiving.