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Americans are absolutely smitten with sports, no doubt about it! Whether they’re cheering from the bleachers or lounging on their trusty couches, catching live sports remains a cherished national pastime. decided to tackle the question of how Americans are satisfying their game-day cravings this year.

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70% of Americans are getting their sports fix, and many are making it a weekly ritual.

Turns out, the NFL is still the undisputed champ, with a whopping 65% of live sports aficionados tuning in to it regularly.

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And what’s the MVP of streaming platforms for catching live action? Amazon Prime Video takes the crown, thanks to its touchdown deal with the NFL for Thursday Night Football.

For all the nitty-gritty stats, you can check out the full report here: link.

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Here are some of the highlights:

    • A staggering 70% of Americans are glued to live programming. Traditional cable and satellite subscriptions are still in the game, with 35% of fans sticking with them.
    • In the battle for sports supremacy, NFL reigns supreme at 65%, followed by the NBA at 50%, and MLB at 42%.
    • Rounding out the top ten are college football and basketball, NASCAR, NHL Hockey, Formula 1 Racing, UFC, and Mixed Martial Arts.
    • About 28% of Americans turn to streaming services for their fix, with Amazon Prime Video being the quarterback with 51% of the viewership.
    • Millennials are leading the streaming game, with 52% using on-demand services, while Boomers stick to satellite or TV with a 60% preference.
    • Most fans know where to catch their local teams (90%), but only 40% are familiar with regional sports networks (RSNs).
    • Fox Sports Regional Networks take the gold with 25% subscribing, followed by NBC Sports, Bally Sports, AT&T SportsNet, and Spectrum SportsNet.