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A photo of Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears at a press conference

Source: (PHOTO: Eric Berman/WIBC)

MARION COUNTY, Ind. — Police have arrested a woman for the triple shooting in Broad Ripple that left three people dead.

The investigation into Kara Hinds, 24, was the result of several hours of body camera footage, security footage, social media video and eyewitness testimony, says Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears, “so, the culmination of all that effort resulted in two counts of murder being filed, one count of reckless homicide, a couple of counts of battery as a level five felony and criminal recklessness as a level five felony.”

Police say Hinds was a part of several groups gathered in Broad Ripple around 2:30 on the morning of Sunday, June 25th. Prosecutor Mears says it was ‘petty arguments’ that boiled over into violence that eventually led to three people being shot and killed.

Shell casings found at the scene match Hinds’ gun, says Mears. She was arrested Thursday morning.

“I said it before: this is senseless,” says Deputy Police Chief Kendale Adams with Indianapolis Metro Police during Thursday’s press conference, “three lives lost, and one life still injured.”

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett held a press conference just hours after the shooting back on June 25th. At the time, Mayor Hogsett not only criticized guns but also bad business owners who he said don’t take care of their business property. It was during that time that Hogsett’s office wanted “Gun Free Zone” permits and wanted businesses to close early to avoid violence.

“We will use the full force of law to hold you accountable. This is not how we’re going to live,” Hogsett said at the time.

The victims in the Broad Ripple shooting were later identified as Christopher Lee Wilson Jr., 22, Tywain Henning, 24, and Kaleyia Preer, 22. A fourth person was shot, but that person survived.

Prosecutor Mears says the environment that night was a recipe for disaster, “there was a lot of drinking going on, and you can’t ignore the fact that there were way too many people that were armed that night. We recovered multiple firearms from the scene that weren’t even involved in this particular shooting.”

If you have any information about this case, you can call Detective James Hurt at the IMPD Homicide Office at 317-327-3475 or e-mail him at