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Handcuffed Prisoner

Source: (Photo by View_Apart/Getty)

MITCHELL, Ind. — A Mitchell, Indiana woman has been charged with the murders of her two young children, who she says she drowned in order to “send [them] to Heaven.”

Police say 33-year-old Brittany Medina turned herself in to the Lawrence County Jail Tuesday, where she apparently admitted to killing her 1-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son.

After hearing her confession, officers went to her home on Brook Street.  There, they found two children, dead in a tub.

Prior to killing them, Medina claims she had Xanax, suboxone, and cocaine in her system.  She says “voices in her head” told her that her kids would be kidnapped and tortured if she did not “send [them] to heaven.”

The woman is also facing felony neglect charges.