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National Weather Service

Source: X (Formerly Known as Twitter)

STATEWIDE — There are currently areas of moderate drought in Indiana. Although some rain fell on Wednesday, it only provided a slight improvement.


Central Indiana has undergone its longest drought since the summer of 2020. With only 17 inches of rainfall, September has become the second driest month on record.


Randy Bowers from the National Weather Service said Indiana is not experiencing drought as severely as other states.


“From Minnesota and Wisconsin and downward into parts of Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri, they’ve got it a lot worse than we do,” he said.


In Indiana, droughts can be devastating for agriculture. In 2012, we experienced a record-breaking drought, with temperatures exceeding 100°F and conditions throughout the state. While drought is not as severe, it still significantly impacts crop production, leading to lower yields and higher food prices. The reduction in water availability affects food security locally and globally.


“That was certainly a bad situation with a long-term drought the summer there,” he added.