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A view of a box of 10 Hostess Twinkies i

Source: PAUL J. RICHARDS / Getty

NATION WIDE — Hostess Brands, the maker of famous snack food like Twinkies and Zebra Cakes is being purchased by J.M. Smucker for 5.6 Billion Dollars.

This purchase will add the entire line of Hostess snack to an already impressive Smuckers portfolio which includes Jif peanut butter, Uncrustables, and Folgers coffee.

The Hostess sale comes after the snack brand recovered from their second bankruptcy filing in 2012 where they stopped production of the legendary Twinkie snack for a year.

They were last sold in 2016 to a private equity firm, Gores Group, which made the company public as a part of the sale. The company most recently had branched out into the breakfast food market as they turned the Twinkie, their marquee snack since 1930, into its own cereal.

The deal is expected to close sometime in 2024. Hostess has two plants in Indiana. One in Indianapolis and one in Columbus. It is unknown as of right now if the sale will affect those currently employed at these locations.