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Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy made waves at the first Republican Primary debate last night. He ensured he was heard.

Going into the debate Ramaswamy was polling third behind Trump and DeSantis, but he had been gaining ground on DeSantis. He continued to climb the mountain towards Trump last night.

He talked more than any other candidate on stage. Part of that was how he was attacked by multiple candidates on multiple occasions.

Ramaswamy had multiple moments that will not be forgotten. The moment where he claimed all of the other candidates were “bought and paid for.” That got quite the reaction.

In response to a separate question about climate change Ramaswamy said, “The climate change agenda is a hoax … more people are dying of bad climate change policies than they are of actual climate.”

In addition to the quotable comments he made, he went after people. He attacked former Vice President Pence. He said to Pence,

“Some others like you on this stage may have an, ‘It’s morning in America speech.’ It is not morning in America.

“We live in a dark moment, and we have to confront the fact that we’re in an internal sort of cold cultural civil war and we have to recognize that.”

He and Pence got into it multiple times. Ramaswamy also got into it with Nikki Haley on foreign policy. That is the only battle it was apparent that he lost. Haley drove him into the ground on that one.

The most notable exchange for Ramaswamy was against Chris Christie when he ended any sliver of a chance Christie had. “And Chris Christie, honest to god your claim Donald Trump is motivated by vengeance and grievance would be a lot more credible if your entire campaign were not based on vengeance and grievance against one man.” Ramaswamy hit the nail on the head with that statement.

The constant opposition to Ramaswamy was his youth. He is only 38 years old. That is only three years past the required age of 35. He is young with little experience, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

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