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The war between Ukraine and Russia continues to rage on, and the United States continues to stand by Ukraine’s side.

Instead of sending Ukraine money, the United States is sending Ukraine a weapon that is controversial to say the least. 

They’re sending them cluster munitions. This is a weapon that has faced bans due to its ability to kill civilians. 

Cluster munitions are rockets, bombs, or missiles that release tens or hundreds of smaller, explosive submunitions when fired, though the submunitions often malfunction and fail to explode, causing them to remain on the ground for years, according to the Cluster Munition Coalition.

Between 10% and 40% of cluster munitions fail to explode on impact, according to a 2010 report by the International Committee of the Red Cross, which warned the munitions could explode later if disturbed or mishandled.

That’s the concern with the weapons. If they don’t explode and are triggered later, they’re usually caused by civilians, which results in casualties.

Tony Katz is out today. Craig Collins filled in; to hear his thoughts on the United States sending weapons to Ukraine, click the link below.