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Andre Carson speaking in front of Congress

Source: (Photo Credit Tom Williams/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — Recent audio recordings made public of former President Trump showing a classified document to a publisher are the latest instances of his “reckless” behavior, says Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN-7th).

Last week the recordings were leaked to CNN and then made public and appear to be of Trump showing a document to a publisher that detailed plans for an attack on Iran. Trump has been indicted on several counts of mishandling classified material and many on the prosecution are urging for the recordings to be used as evidence in the case against Trump.

“I think it speaks to the recklessness that has represented his leadership and his presidency,” Carson said on All Indiana Politics. “That kind of disregard and insensitivity to classified information that absolutely puts our national security in jeopardy, I think it speaks to his lack of leadership and lack of discretion.”

Even with the release of the audio recordings and other evidence stacked against Trump in the case, national polling data shows that support for Trump in the GOP primary has not gone away. In some cases, support for him has grown.

Carson admits that Trump has charisma.

“It speaks to a special place where we are in this country,” Carson said. “It speaks to the sentiment of the voters, how people view leadership, and how they view Donald Trump. I’ve been very critical of his policies, but he is viewed as a decisive leader even though many of his decisions have had reckless implications.”

Trump spoke at a rally in South Carolina on Saturday where he again said the did nothing wrong in keeping classified documents at his Mar-A-Lago estate in Florida.