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The race to be the governor of Indiana is one of the most boring things going on in politics currently. It all starts with the candidates.

No one is talking about it. This will be the first governor since Holcomb took office in 2017. There is no excitement in the governor’s race.

It sucks.

When will it get interesting? When will the conversations start? Those are not the only questions thought.

When will Governor Holcomb endorse his Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch? She is in the race and has served alongside him for his entire time in office. Crouch needs to come out swinging. He has insulted her by not giving her the endorsement.

One would think that Holcomb would give his lieutenant governor the time and attention she deserves, but I guess not. What is he waiting for? Is someone else going to run?

She wrote checks to his political campaign. She gave him $1 million to run for reelection. In what world does that not warrant an endorsement. In what world does that not lead to a response by Crouch to the fact that Holcomb will not endorse her?

This will be a thing used against her. You can hear it now, “Even the governor who hand-picked her doesn’t trust her. So why should you?”

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