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The ACLU of Indiana does not care about kids. Their recent lawsuit over transgender minors receiving puberty blockers proves it.

The current result of the lawsuit is that a federal judge has temporarily blocked a large portion of Indiana’s ban on gender-affirming care for minors, which was set to take effect July 1.

Judge James Patrick Hanlon was the one who put the temporary block on the law. In addition to allowing children to take puberty blockers; he also blocked the portion of the law that would prohibit doctors from communicating with physicians in other states about gender-affirming care for patients who are minors.

Where he has the right to tell doctors who they can and cannot talk to is lost on me. How can you stop a doctor from talking?

The bottom line is that we do not need to treat children as an adult. Doctors should not be able to introduce chemicals into children that will change them forever.

It does not matter if doctors say that it is okay to give a child puberty blockers. They have been wrong before. Do you need to be reminded of the six feet and mask rules during COVID?

The ACLU of Indiana supporting this is disgusting.

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