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Mike Braun

Source: (Photo by Anna Moneymaker-Pool/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – Indiana Senator Mike Braun is one of 5 lawmakers who are introducing the Promising Pathway Act.

The bill, which will be introduced to congress, is supposed to help Americans with life-threatening diseases get early access to promising medical treatments.

“Americans with life-threatening and terminal diseases like ALS don’t have time to waste on a bureaucratic journey through red tape, only to be denied access,” says Senator Braun. “I’m proud that the Promising Pathway Act is now a bipartisan solution to help these Americans get access to life-saving treatments.”

Treatments that have already passed important stages of the FDA approval process, but aren’t yet available, would be made available to those who need them. In order to be eligible for provisional approval under the act, the treatment must have substantial evidence of safety and positive outcomes.

Braun says the bill has bipartisan support.