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Fresh off of attending the annual NRA meeting in Downtown Indianapolis last week, Guy Relford talked about the speakers he saw there. Former President Trump was the most prominent of the speakers. While the show was winding down, Guy talked about a message he received on Twitter stating, “I’m surprised President Trump got an enthusiastic response from the NRA members since he’s an enemy of the 2nd Amendment.”

Guy responds that he understands where this individual is coming from. First off, President Trump after the Las Vegas mass shooting directed the ATF to find a way to ban Bump Stocks. President Trump set a precedent we don’t like. After the Parkland mass shooting, President Trump was talking about a national red flag law. One of his cabinet members, or a member of congress responded, “what about due process?”. President Trump responded, “Take the guns first, due process comes later.”, and a whole bunch of us said “Whoa, hold on.. I have a problem with that.”

Guy ends the discussion with the argument that there may be other candidates in 2024 that a have a stronger record on the 2nd Amendment than the former President. Guy can see that.

Doesn’t mean that I didn’t enthusiastically vote for President Trump twice, because I sure as hell preferred  him to Hillary Clinton, or to Joe Biden, no question about that!

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