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Traffic regulations. Close-up view of a traffic signal and "no turn on red" sign.

Source: nurlankani / Getty

INDIANAPOLIS — The city of Indianapolis may soon take steps to better ensure the safety of people walking downtown.

City-County Councilors are planning to roll out a plan to make the entirety of downtown Indianapolis a “no turn on red” zone, meaning that you would not be allowed to turn right at an intersection under a red light at any intersection.

“We have watched with alarm, the steady increase in the numbers of pedestrian motor vehicle accidents here,” said Council President Vop Osili. “As downtown continues to grow, it’s critically important to ensure connectivity, accessibility, and safety for all.”

The basis for the proposal is a rise in crashes involving people who are crossing streets in downtown Indy. The results have recently come back from a study of recent pedestrian-related crashes.

“It was determined that 56.7% of pedestrian-related crashes in the core of downtown are the result of turning vehicles failing to yield to pedestrians at signalized intersections,” said Indy DPW Director Brendan Herget.

Councilors plan to introduce proposals related to creating No Turn On Red zones at certain intersections in the coming weeks at meetings of the Public Works Committee. They would impact the following intersections:

– 22nd and Delaware streets.

– College and Massachusetts avenues.

– College Avenue and St. Clair Street.

– Palmer and Meridian streets.

– The areas surrounded by 11th Street, Oscar Robertson Boulevard, 10th Street, White River Parkway, Interstate 70 and Interstate 65, except state highways.

Council vice-president Zach Adamson said Monday that there is broad support for these proposals.