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You thought participation trophies were bad…

Several colleges around the country are adapting a new grading system to their curriculum for incoming freshman: there is none! That’s right, the universities decided to make the transition into upper education easier for young adults by simply dismissing the letter grade system.

The term “un-grading” is a way for colleges to cradle encourage new students who are overwhelmed with being on their own for the first time. According to the universities, by getting rid of the conventional A – F letter grades students will be able to focus on learning rather than just getting a grade (even though that is how you measure how much they’ve learned?)

There is no better way to prepare 18-year-olds for the real world than accommodation on a silver platter… might as well throw in some gold stars and a cookie too!

Listen to Hammer and Nigel’s exclusive audio of a graduation ceremony that just took place at Snowflake University: