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The Gun Guy begins the show talking about the deadly shooting of Dustin Phipps at a Marathon gas station on the corner of Emerson and Southeastern Avenue. Court documents say Anvictor Butler fired fatal shots at Dustin Phipps as he got in the car Butler was driving.

Guy takes issue with the local media coverage of this shooting. He also took issue with Lawyer Mario Massillamany’s opinon on WTHR “You’re still looking at murder charges, even if that was his car and he legally could possess a gun because, in Indiana, the only time you’re allowed to use deadly force is in your house,” says Massillamany.

See Guy’s social media post regarding Mario’s opinion here:

Guy agrees with Indiana state law that only allows the use of deadly force when your life is threatened. You are not allowed to use deadly force when one is running off with property. A caller asks when deadly force is justified. Guy talks about the 4 times one is justified in using deadly force.


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