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The Biden Administration is out singing Biden’s praises once again. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain was quick to point out the state of the country before Biden took office.

Klain ‘reminded’ The Atlantic Festival Thursday that during Trump’s last year in office, Americans were struggling because of the way the former president handled the pandemic.

“It’s easy to forget, when Joe Biden came to office, people were in line at football stadiums, looking for a box of food. The unemployment rate was 10 percent, we had 20 million people out of work.. businesses closed, schools closed.”

What many are pointing out is that Biden’s party were the ones that pushed for the lockdown polices. Tony Katz says the Biden Administration has tried to spin this again and again.

“We didn’t have 20 million people out of work. We had 20 million people you wouldn’t let go back to work. This is why we have said you haven’t created any jobs: people going back to their jobs isn’t the creation of jobs… I don’t disagree this happened with the start under Trump. I’m telling you it was wrong then and it’s wrong now. And to make the claim it’s ‘job creation’ is nonsense.”